About Decorating

Interested in learning what decorating options are available for putting logos on hats? Here's some information to help you decide which imprinting option is best for your project.


Great choice! Actually, it is the best choice. You can embroider every hat style we offer! Embroidery is the process of directly stitching thread onto a material background. But first your logo needs to be digitized which is the process that will instruct the embroidery machine where to stitch and what colour of thread to use. Embroidery is priced by the number of stitches, not by the number of colours, so try to steer clear of large logos with lots of fill. Limitations: Embroidery isn't the best for small text under 5 mm and detail.

Screen Printing

We only carry a handful of hat styles that are designed specifically for screen printing your logo on the front of the hat. Directly printing onto toques is possible, but I would recommend consulting your printer before ordering.  Printing onto pre-fabed caps is difficult as screen-printing needs a flat surface void of bumps and seams. Most hats are made with 6 panels and embroidery is the recommended decorating option. 5 panel hats are made for screen printing but you typically can't print more than 3 colours, especially if they need close registration. If your image has lots of colours, transfers might be the way to go. Pricing: screen printing is charged be the number of colours, so a one colour logo is ideal.


Patches can be printed or stitched and can basically be applied to anything that you can sew with a needle and thread. The printed patch is perfect if your logo has lots of detail and/or small text that’s under 5mm in height. Stitched patches can be used if you still want the look of embroidery, but can't embroider in the spot you want. Rubber patches are great way to brand your headwear as well. 

Heat Pressing Transfers

Again, if you need detail and it's difficult to embroider or screen print, then heat pressing transfers might be an ideal option. Screen printers will screen print your image onto transfer paper then heat press them on to the hat. Transfers are also used when hats and or toques can't withstand the heat of 360° to cure the ink.  A process called cold peel transfer is used to imprint the hat without damaging it. If you have a small fun project and are looking for a less expensive option, clear bubble jet transfers can be purchased at your local staples, but only to be used on "white" backgrounds. For best results, a hat heat press is recommended to apply transfers.

If you have any questions please contact Amy at Checkpoint One Apparel Corp