Custom Embroidery

Need your logo on one of our hats? We now offer custom embroidery and printing from Checkpoint One Apparel Corp!


Simply email us your details and Checkpoint One Apparel will reply with a detailed quote.

Please include the following details and email to: 

  • Hat style number 
  • Quantity of hats (minimum order is 24 pieces)
  • Your image file
  • Size you would like your image (if not sure we will recommend the perfect size)



What if I want printing?

Embroidery is the recommended embellishing method for almost every hat we sell. The CM5020 Trucker Hat is the only hat we recommend for printing on as it has a flat cotton front.

I'm on a budget, how can I save money?

Embroidery is quoted by the number of stitches: more stitches = more money. You can save money by reducing the size of your logo, and lowering the number of stitches.

My logo has lots of detail, will embroidery work?

Maybe. Every order is different and we ultimately need to see your image before we can say if it will work. Embroidering extremely thin lines or small text has its limitations at 5 mm high.