Weekly Specials February 17th-24th

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The end of the week always brings a sense of relief, doesn't it?  Well, we here at want to help that relief and let the excitement spill into the coming week. 

We have picked the next five products for you to save on, and boy are they good ones! A couple of toques and some great cotton caps with some contrasting colour options. 

All you need to do to get our weekly discount of 10%, is to enter our coupon code WEEKLYSPECIAL in your shopping cart.  After you have entered the products you want to purchase (including the ones that are on sale), you can watch that 10% discount fly off!  Make sure to check in next week to see what we have on sale then. 

Our special line up is: 

Grey Acrylic Knit Toque with Rib Hem

AC2940 Acrylic Knit Toque with Rib Hem

Want a toque with a little bit of edge to it? Try out the AC2940 for a classic look with a twist! This 100% acrylic knit toque has a neat hem with a ribbed look to give you a little more detail.  Available in 4 different neutral colours to match anyone's wardrobe! This low cut toque is only available in an adult size, and it is one size fits most.  

Black/Gold Heavy Weight Brushed Cotton Cap

CT6610 Heavy Weight Brushed Cotton Sandwich Peak

This cotton cap has 6 contrast colour eyelets and button*! Available in a variety of colours, so you will be sure to find one that you love.   This is a soft buckram, so it will fit to your head without being stiff. This cap is only available in an adult size, and with its cloth velcro closure, you can adjust it slightly to fit even better!

Not sure what a button is? Check out the definition here:

Natural/Red Fine Twill Cap

CT6290 Classic Brushed Cotton Fine Twill Cap

This cap has a cool, trendy contrast look to it.  The brim and button are contrasting colours to the panels for a vintage look. Another vintage feature is the antique flip buckle closure.  It has a cloth back strap to easily tuck in and adjust! This cap is also a soft buckram, so it will need the shape of your head to support it. The eyelets match the colour of the panels, as opposed to the style above.  Again, this is an adult size (I promise we will feature some youth caps soon!) 

Black Skull Beanie

PF9280 Micro Fleece Jersey Skull Beanie

Looking for a toque that can offer you great warmth and coverage?  This toque is made with a single layer of super soft fleece.  It is a tighter fitting toque, so you can ensure that this will fit snug to your head and keep that warmth you emit trapped.  This keeps you warm during these cold days we Canadians seem to be experiencing! Looking to embroider your logo on a toque.  This one is a great option! With its flat front, you have a perfect space to show off your artwork/business/design! 

Black Iceland Super Soft Acrylic Knit

AC2310 Iceland Acrylic Knit Hand Embroidered Snowflake

This toque is made with super soft fleece and is fully lined for additional warmth! The cute ear flap style is perfect to keep those ears of yours hidden away from the cold! What could look cuter than an ear flap toque with contrasting tassels AND a snowflake embroidered on the front? Nothing. Nothing is cuter than that! So make sure to grab one for yourself while they are on sale!

Happy shopping!

17th Feb 2017 Ranae

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