Weekly Specials October 14th-21st

How has your week been?

You can relax now, the weekend is here! Kick back and take a look at our sales for this week.  Save 10% off the following 5 pieces using our discount code WEEKLYSPECIAL in your shopping cart.

Save on: 

Black Cotton Fine Rib Toque

CY2870 Cotton Fine Rib Toque

Looking for a perfectly classic toque? This black option will be comfy, casual and cozy. So stock up!

Fuschia Faux Fur Nylon Trooper

WB01Y Youth Nylon Trooper with Faux Fur Trim

This trooper will be the perfect winter piece for your little one's.  With winter just around the corner make sure they are warm with this faux fur trim! Also, look how cute it is!

Purple Washed Cotton Chino Twill Cap

CT6550 Garment Washed Cotton Chino Twill Cap

This garment washed cap comes in a large variety of colours. Perfect for your sports team, company, school or extracurricular activity! Pick from the many colours and enjoy the comfort of this 100% cotton cap.

Red Wool Serge

WS6140 Wool Serge Value Cap

This heavier cap is made with a wool like material. This cap is definitely a better option for the colder months than the warmer.  The wool like material adds a little more warmth.  If you are a fan of toques, then this cap is definitely a great option for you!

Black Organic Cotton Visor

OC6100 Organic Cotton Visor

Looking for an organic option? We have a handful of style on our site, this visor is one of them! Make with 100% organic cotton, this visor is perfect for the course, the court, hiking, etc. Ladies! This is also a great option for those who want to put your hair up.  Keep the pony perky without the constrictions of a full cap.

Happy shopping!

14th Oct 2016 Ranae

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