Common Terms

Not up on all the hat lingo going around the site?

Below are some common terms you might run into when checking out some of our cool hats. 
We're always here to help. Except on weekends. You're on your own then..

Panels: Most of the caps you'll see on our site have either 5 or 6 panels. 
A hat with 6 panels will have a seam down the front center. A 5 panel cap 
is ideal for embroidery, but a well embroidered 6 panel cap will cover the 
middle seam flawlessly.

Crown: The front 2 (or sometimes single) panel(s) of a cap.

Buckram: A buckram lining can be found on the inside of a 'constructed' 
cap's crown. This lining is very stiff & allows the front of the cap to stand
up on its own.

Constructed: This is a type of cap. Constructed hats have a buckram lining.

Unconstructed: This is a type of cap. Unlike the constructed variety, 
it does not have a buckram lining inside the crown. It will require your 
head for support in order to stand up straight. So needy...

Button: This is the button at the top of that hat that holds all of the 
panels together. But you already knew that one.

Eyelets: Small holes embroidered into a cap by the manufacturer to allow for ventilation. 
These are usually made from either metal or reinforced stitching.

Brim: Brims, bills, or visors are usually made of plastic and covered by fabric, 
such as canvas, brushed cotton, wool, denim, suede, etc. This part of a hat's 
anatomy is your skin's best friend (easy sun protection!). The brim is held down
with symmetrical rows of stitching. Some brims are pre-curved or some come relatively flat, 
in which you'd have to do some of the work and curve it to your liking. We know you can handle it.

Under-Visor: You guessed it--the underside of the brim. Sometimes it is a different colour fabric than the top. 
On some of our caps, there is added piping along the edge of the brim between 
the top and bottom fabrics. Sometimes this piping is a different/contrasting 
colour to the rest of the brim.

Panel Seams (Stitching): This is the stitching connecting the panels. 
Sometimes it is the same colour, and other times not, for an added pop!

Washed vs. Unwashed Cotton: A washed hat will usually be duller in appearance and softer to the touch. 
The fabric of an unwashed hat will appear brighter and have a smooth finish.

Non-Pill Fleece: You know those annoying little balls that start to appear on the surface of a fabric after some time? 
Those are known as fleece pills, and typically occur with lesser-quality fleece. 
With non-pill fleece, you won't have to spend time picking them off!