February 24th-March 3rd

Posted by Ranae on 24th Feb 2017

Welcome back to the blog! 

If you are here on Friday, then you know what that means! Weekly Specials!!! 

Save 10% off the products that are showcased below for a whole week.  All you will need to get that discount code is our coupon code WEEKLYSPECIAL.  You can enter that in the shopping cart after you have added all the products you want into it.  Now you can enter the code above and get 10% off when you purchase the products below.  You can get this discount all week long.  Make sure to check in and see what we have on sale for you next Friday, because we will change it up for you! 

This week you can save on the following: 

CANADA Pattern Jacquard Knit Acrylic Toque

AC2350 Canada Pattern Jacquard Knit Acrylic Toque

Looking to show off your Canada pride? Well, this toque is the one for you! this 100% acrylic toque is soft and warm, making it perfect for these chilly winter months! This is an adult size, and one size fits most.  The stretchy acrylic can fit larger heads too! 

Black Eco Friendly Polar Fleece Toque

PF9260 Eco Friendly Polar Fleece Toque

This toque is made with 100% recycled fibers.  These fibers are made from plastic bottles, how cool is that?! For such a neat toque, you'd think the price was through the roof, BUT it is not.  It starts at $7.88 and goes down in price from there once you buy 6 or more.  but don't forget our coupon code to get an additional 10%! 

Red Wool Serge

WS6140 Wool Serge Value Cap

This pro style cap has 6 panels, and a cloth velcro closure. With wool like material, this cap is heavier and will keep your head warmer in these colder months we're in.  Available in 6 classic colours, you will not regret buying this cap!

Black/White/Red Acrylic Knit Toque with Sandwich Stripe

AC2600 Acrylic Knit Toque with Sandwich Stripe

This acrylic knit toque is simple, but has a great sandwich stripe to give it a little more character! This toque is also an adult one-size-fits-most.

Black/Red Brushed Cotton Twill Stretchable Two-Tone Fitted Cap

CS6220 Brushed Cotton Twill Stretch Two Tone Fitted Cap

This cap has a firm buckram, so it can stand on its own and hold its shape.  This cap is a fitted style, and has a full back so it cannot be adjusted.  It is available in a size L/XL measuring at 58 cm.  With inner taping and a sweatband, this cap is perfect for catching those little beads of sweat while working out!

Happy shopping!