Happy Canada Day! (June 30th-July 8th)

This week we have brought out our Weekly Specials early! Happy Canada Day to everyone! 

Celebrate a day early by getting 10% off the following 5 pieces.  Our discount code WEEKLYSPECIAL will help you get that discount, so don't forget it! When you enter all your items into your shopping cart and use our discount code, that 10% will come off automatically!

Save on these guys here:

Reversible Canada Toque

AC2250 Maple Leaf Pattern Reversible Jacquard Toque

This awesome toque is reversible, so it's like you get two toques in one! Show your pride with this maple leaf toque all year round!

Red Wool Serge

WS6140 Wool Serge Value Cap

This firm buckram cap will hold its shape and the self cloth velcro backstrap.  It has a thicker wool like fabric for great durability!

Black Organic Cotton Visor

OC6100 Organic Cotton Visor

This low cut visor is a great option to keep your head cool, but protected from those bright sun rays! Perfect for the court, course, biking or just running around doing errands! Available in a great variety of colours.

Black Cotton Canvas Fisherman

CC2100 Cotton Canvas Fisherman Hat

With an inside pocket and an adjustable string this hat is perfect for a weekend trip to the lake!

Purple Washed Cotton Chino Twill Cap

CT6550 Garment Washed Cotton Chino Twill Cap

This is a great cap for the whole family! Available in Youth and Adult sizes, you can outfit yourself, your kids or your team, group or class! Available in a large variety of colours to choose from!

Happy shopping!

30th Jun 2016 Ranae

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