Top Staff Picks for February 2018

AC1010 Acrylic Knit Winter Toque with Cuff

This AC1010 Acrylic Knit Winter Toque with Cuff is the perfect cuffed toque--great for wearing as is, or folded down for a slouchy style. The double layer makes it ideal for winter weather and outdoor activities, and the cuff is a perfect spot for embroidery or patch work (creates a barrier between stitching and forehead). We've got a large colour selection to suit anyone's style! One-size-fits most.

CT6550 Garment Washed Cotton Chino Twill Cap

Available for any size head. This is one of our best-selling caps & it comes in numerous colours, perfect for any occasion. Also known as the classic "Dad Hat". It's also blank, so embroidering or printing is a definite possibility.
Fits well, and the youth and kids sizes have a velcro strap closure, so while their heads are growing, the hat can too.

AC1070 Acrylic Toque with Pom

Are you a fan of the classic AC1010? This new AC1070 Acrylic Toque with Pom is upping the ante! It features a thicker rib - and a pom pom!

  • Fine Gauge 100% Acrylic Toque
  • Tubular Double Layer
  • 4 x1 Rib all over
13th Feb 2018

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