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If you are here for the first time, then welcome as well!  Here is where we update you every Friday as to what we have showcased for our Weekly Specials.  Every Friday we talk about 5 different products and give you a coupon code to save 10% off of those specially selected for you. 

The code you'll need is WEEKLYSPECIAL.

Make sure you enter everything into your shopping cart, then enter the code afterwards. That 10% discount will come off automatically and you can go about your day knowing you saved a little spare pocket money :) 

The products for you this week are: 

Black Skull Beanie

PF9280 Micro Fleece Jersey Skull Beanie

This single layer toque is super soft since it's made with micro fleece! Perfect for this transitional time between seasons. It will keep you warm on the cooler days, but won't be overwhelmingly warm because it's a single layer! It is a one size fits most adult and it the perfect canvas for embroidery!

Green Nylon Trooper

WB01 Nylon Trooper with Rabbit Fur Trim Adult Size

This super cozy and fuzzy trooper is so fun! Available in a variety of super vibrant colours, so it will really give you a pop of colour when you're out on a cold day. Available in 2 different adult sizes, S/M and L/XL!  Starting at $58.80, and with our 10% discount and bulk pricing to take advantage of, you could get this hat for as low as $32.76.

Fuschia Faux Fur Nylon Trooper

WB01Y Youth Nylon Trooper with Faux Fur Trim

This hat is the same as the one above BUT it is in a youth size :) you and your little one can match! Unfortunately this style isn't available in as many colours as the adult, but it is still available in Black, Fuschia, Olive, Purple, Sky and White. 

Navy Cotton Hand Crochet Toque

CY2850 Cotton Hand Crochet Toque

This toque was hand crocheted! Perfectly unique and a take on the classic toque.  With a little bit of texture, this stands out from the solid toques of the world.  Available in Black and White to keep it simple and available in an adult size only. 

Red Acrylic 3-Ply Wide Rib Toque

AC2910 Acrylic 3 Ply Wide Rib Toque

This toque is low cut, double layered and super fluffy!  Its 3 ply makes for its fluffiness and adds a little touch of uniqueness.  Most toques are thinly ribbed, but this one has a lot of space between this ribs and looks super cool! 

Happy shopping!

31st Mar 2017 Ranae

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