Weekly Specials Dec 2nd-9th

Posted by Ranae on 2nd Dec 2016

We made it! December is finally here!

Celebrate by getting a great deal on some winter pieces.  Everyone needs to keep warm during the winter, so make sure to buy a toque (or two) and save 1-% off using our coupon code WEEKLYSPECIAL in your shopping cart.

The items eligible are: 

Black/Natural Acrylic Knit Toque

AC2980 Acrylic Knit Toque Fleece Lining Single Stripe

Black Reflective Runner's Cap

KP7163 Reflective Runners Cap

        Reversible Canada Toque

AC2250 Maple Leaf Pattern Reversible Jacquard Toque

Black Cotton Fine Rib Toque

CY2870 Cotton Fine Rib Toque

Black Wool Serge UR' Bondâ„¢ Fitted Cap

WS6262 Wool Serge Bond with Urban Character

Happy shopping!