Weekly Specials February 3rd

Welcome to Friday! 

Our Weekly Specials are here for you to finally take advantage of.  Use our coupon code WEEKLYSPECIAL in your shopping cart to save 10% off the five products below.

This sale changes week to week, so the products change for you! But the coupon code stays the saem, so don't forget it!  We'll remind you though, son't worry ;) 

Save on the five products here until February 10th: 

Olive Curly Yarn Earflap Toque

AC2340 Curly Yarn Earflap Toque

Natural/Red Fine Twill Cap

CT6290 Classic Brushed Cotton Fine Twill Cap

Black Reflective Runner's Cap

KP7163 Reflective Runners Cap

Black Cotton Acrylic Rib Toque with Cuff

CA2520 Cotton Acrylic Rib Toque with Cuff

Navy Cotton Hand Crochet Toque

CY2850 Cotton Hand Crochet Toque

Happy shopping!

3rd Feb 2017 Ranae

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