Weekly Specials for the week of November 4th-11th

Weekly Specials are here for the week! Save 10% off the following 5 items using our coupon code WEEKLYSPECIAL.

Save this week on the 5 products below.  But make sure to come back to our blog and check out what we have on sale next Friday!

This week save on: 

Burgundy Brushed Cotton Youth Cap

CT6442 Fine Brushed Cotton Youth Cap

Natural Cotton Canvas Fisherman

CC2100 Cotton Canvas Fisherman Hat

Fuschia Faux Fur Nylon Trooper

WB01Y Youth Nylon Trooper with Faux Fur Trim

Olive Washed Cotton Chino Twill Cap

CT6550 Garment Washed Cotton Chino Twill Cap

Black Pigment Dye Bucket Hat

CP3990 Garment Washed Pigment Dye Bucket Hat

Happy shopping!

4th Nov 2016 Ranae

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