Weekly Specials for from December 23rd-30th

Welcome to our blog! Here is where we have some great informative pieces coming to you soon, as well as our infamous Weekly Specials! 

Every week we put 5 products on sale, and with our coupon code WEEKLYSPECIAL you can save 10% off ! Every week we change the five products that are eligible for the sale, so you can always get something new! Make sure to enter the products you would like, and then enter your coupon in the shopping cart.  The discount will come off automatically and you can feel free about making those purchases before the holiday season.  Your wallet will thank you :) 

Save on these bad boys here: 

Black/White Collegiate Stripe Chino Twill Cap

CT8010 Collegiate Stripe Chino Twill Cap

CANADA Pattern Jacquard Knit Acrylic Toque

AC2350 Canada Pattern Jacquard Knit Acrylic Toque

Fuschia Faux Fur Nylon Trooper

WB01Y Youth Nylon Trooper with Faux Fur Trim

Black Cotton Mesh Bucket Hat

CT3870 Brushed Cotton Bucket Hat

Green Camo Print Military Cap

CT1662 Camo Military Cap Brim Worn Out Wash

Happy shopping!

23rd Dec 2016 Ranae

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