Weekly Specials from October 21st-28th

Posted by Ranae on 21st Oct 2016

It is Friday! And you know what that means! Weekly Specials

If you are visiting our site for the first time, every Friday we put 5 items on sale.  All you need is our discount code to get a 10% discount.  We change the products every week, so make sure to check in next week and see what we have on sale then!

This week we have 5 different caps for you to save on. Make sure to put in the coupon code WEEKLYSPECIALS in your shopping cart, otherwise you will not get the discount!

                                                                  Black/White Cotton Half-Wave Sandwich Peak Cap

CT6390 Heavy Weight Brushed Cotton Half Wave Peak

                                                                 Black Cotton Twill Mesh Cap 

CM6030 Garment Washed Cotton Twill Mesh Cap

                                                                  Black/Gold Contrast Peak Chino Twill Cap

CT6210 The Contrast Peak Chino Twill Cap

                                                               Black/White Collegiate Stripe Chino Twill Cap 

     CT8010 Collegiate Stripe Chino Twill Cap   

                  Black/Stone/Red Micro-Suede Cap                          

PS6410 Micro Suede Cap

Happy Shopping!