Weekly Specials January 20th-27th

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Every week puts 5 different toques/caps/hats for you to save on.

We give you a coupon code that you can use every week.  This coupon code saves you 10% off the five products listed below.  We change them every Friday, so make sure to check in what's on sale next week.  The code doesn't change, so don't forget that! (If you do, don't worry, we'll remind you!) 

The code, you ask? WEEKLYSPECIAL  

This week we have some adorable toques and a great stretchable cap!

Save 10% off these below: 

Olive Curly Yarn Earflap Toque

AC2340 Curly Yarn Earflap Toque

This adorable toque is the perfect winter accessory! Pompoms, ear flaps and curly yarn, oh my!

Black/Red/Yellow Flame'n Jacquard Knit Acrylic Toque

AC2270 Flamen Jacquard Knit Acrylic Toque

Looking to add some sass to your wardrobe? Flames will do it!

Black Acrylic Ladder Knit Toque

AC2900 Acrylic Ladder Knit Toque

This knit toque is going to give you that classic look with a little bit of character.  The ladder knit on the sides are subtle, yet neat!

Black Brushed Cotton Stretchable Fitted Cap

CS6260 Brushed Cotton Stretchable Fitted Cap

This fitted cap has a little bit of stretch to it, so that it can fit more comfortably to you! Made with brushed cotton, this cap is sure to last!

Black Eco Friendly Polar Fleece Toque

PF9260 Eco Friendly Polar Fleece Toque

This polar fleece toque is soft, warm and a little thinner than other toques.  If you are looking for a less bulky toque, this may be the one for you!

Happy shopping!

20th Jan 2017 Ranae

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