How To Stay Warm During the Polar Vortex

How To Stay Warm During the Polar Vortex

6th Feb 2019

Image courtesy of Global News

Just when you were thinking about packing up the winter clothes and updating your spring wardrobe, mother nature decides to hit with the polar vortex.

Don't pack up your winter apparel just yet, it seems like the polar vortex is moving over to the West coast. With this in mind, we want to make sure that you're prepared for unexpected chilly weather. Here's some of our favourite cozy toques we're sure that'll keep you warm until the vortex disappears!

SP12 Sportsman Acrylic Cuff 12' Toque

With over 10 awesome colours to choose from, wear this Sportsman Acrylic Cuff 12" Toque with the cuff, or unfold it for a slouchy style! 100% Acrylic Knit. 12" Style. One size fits most.

AC1010 Acrylic Knit Winter Toque with Cuff 

This AC1010 Acrylic Knit Winter Toque with Cuff is the perfect cuffed toque--great for wearing as is, or folded down for a slouchy style. The double layer makes it ideal for winter weather and outdoor activities, and the cuff is a perfect spot for embroidery or patch work (creates a barrier between stitching and forehead). We've got a large colour selection to suit anyone's style! One-size-fits most.

 AC1070 Acrylic Toque with Pom

Are you a fan of the classic AC1010? This new AC1070 Acrylic Toque with Pom is upping the ante! It features a thicker rib - and a pom pom!

 CA2520 Cotton Acrylic Rib Toque with Cuff

This CA2520 Cotton Acrylic Rib Toque with Cuff is an all classic plain ribbed toque perfect for those cold days. Neutral colours make it easy to wear with anything. Although it is double layered, it does not hinder putting it under a helmet if you want to wear it while skiing or snowboarding. Comes with hang tag.

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