Modifying Our Best-Selling Hats

Posted by Alexa on 27th Feb 2020

We here at know the importance of brand presence. Recognizable brands like Nike and Adidas are memorable because of their famously stylish, conceptualized, and well-placed designs and logos. What we have learned from these companies is that all it takes is a check mark or a few white stripes in the right places to make your brand pop!

We have had many inquiries over the years on the best ways to customize the items on In this article, we will explain the best practices for customizing our most popular items. Let provide you with the highest quality hats and toques for your brand, sports team, or school group!

AC1010 RedAC1010 RoyalAC1010 Gold

AC1010  Acrylic Knit Winter Toque with Cuff

The AC1010 is a double layered, slouchy toque that works with any look.Wear it slouchy with the cuff out, or wear it fitted and roll the cuff up into the toque. The AC1010 is an all-time favourite of ours and is an incredibly versatile toque that will fit most and has more than 20 colours to choose from.

We recommend putting your embroidery or patch work directly onto the cuff. This will create a barrier between the stitching and the forehead so it is not itchy for the wearer. The 12” length and 7.5” width cuff is an ideal size for custom work as it allows for a lot of wiggle room when it comes to your logo’s size.

AC2890 PinkAC2890 Steel BlueAC2890 Cranberry

AC2890 Acrylic Knit Fine Gauge Toque

The AC2890 is the perfect promotional toque that is incredibly cost effective. If you are wanting a fitted and sporty look without a cuff, the AC2890 is the way to go. Although the acrylic knit is contoured and made for smaller heads, the knit has a bit of stretch to it, allowing it to conform to most head sizes. The AC8290 is also double knitted.

We recommend a shorter and more bold print to be embroidered on this toque. As there is no cuff, there is not a lot of room to place a large and wide design. We also recommend putting your logo or design closer to the top of the toque on the side if it is too large for the front. As the AC2890 is double knitted, your logo will not scratch the wearers head though the toque.

CM520 Mustard WhiteCM5020 Light BlueCM5020 Light Green White

CM5020 Cotton Mesh Trucker Cap

A classic cap with a white front panel and a coloured mesh back panel, the CM5020 is one of our most popular trucker caps! The bill and inner taping of the cap will also match the colour of the mesh back panel. The CM5020 is a 5 panel hat which makes it ideal for customization.

The CM5020 is the perfect trucker cap to customize as it is a 5 panel cap. For example, if the hat had 6 panels, it would have a seam that runs directly through the center of the front panel. Not only would this seam make embroidery difficult, it would warp your design! With this, we recommend putting your logo or design directly onto the front white panel as it is a completely blank and smooth canvas.

CA2520 ClayCM5020 NavyCM5020 Charcoal

CA2520 Cotton Acrylic Rib Toque with Cuff

The CA2520 is a double layered, ribbed knit, shorter toque with a cuff. It is a classic hipster look, making the wearer feel like they just finished their shift on a tugboat and are now headed to the pub for a drink. This toque has a great snug fit that will stretch with the wearers head.

For customizing the CA2520 we recommend putting your logo or design onto the cuff. As the cuff is about 8.5” long, it is an ideal size for most logos. The ribbing of the toque will stretch like an accordion and your logo or design will move with the fabric. You can also put your design slightly above the cuff and because the toque is double layered, it will not scratch the wearers head.

AC1070 BlueAC1070 RedAC1070 Charcoal

AC1070 Acrylic Toque with Pom

Much like the AC1010, the AC1070 is a double layered and slouchy toque that has a fuzzy pom-pom at the top. Although very similar to the AC1010, the AC1070 is a touch thicker and is made with a thick rib knit finish.

For customizing this toque, we once again recommend putting your design or logo directly onto the cuff. The cuff is long and wide and gives you more freedom in the placement and size of your design. Put your design on the front, the side, or the back of the cuff. It will work at any point on the AC1070!

And there you have it, the best practices on customizing our most popular toques! Let us know if you have any further questions at! For new products and sales, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.