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We Are Open!

26th Jun 2020 is now open and our customer service team is available via email and phone to assist you with your orders. Our hours of operations remain unchanged, however, our showroom is closed in ke … Read More
The AC1010: Our Most Popular Toque!

The AC1010: Our Most Popular Toque!

Posted by Danna on 6th Nov 2019

This toque is so versatile and that is one of the reason why our customers love it! Whether you are looking for an every-day wear toque or you are looking to embroider or add a patch, this is a great … Read More

Toques in the Summer?

Posted by May on 13th May 2019

One of the biggest questionable fashion combinations you see in the summer? Toques paired t-shirts or tank tops in the scorching heat of summer.Does it look good? Sure. Does it make sense? Not really. … Read More

Gift Giving Just Got Easier!

Posted by May on 10th Dec 2018

It’s getting closer and closer to one of the most anticipated days of the year. Finally, some time off from work and you can’t wait to spend it with your loved ones! But wait, there’s one crucial ob … Read More