Weekly Specials December 30th-January 6th

Happy (almost) New Year!

Celebrate the new year with a sale, why don't you?  Save 10% off the following five pieces when you use our discount code. WEEKLYSPECIAL will save you some hard earned cash.  So let us help you save a little bit after the holidays.

The products on sale this week are: 

Black/Charcoal Crisscross Toque with Soft Brim and Pom Pom

AC2210 Crisscross Jacquard Toque Soft Brim Pom Pom

Black/Gold Polar Fleece Toque

PF2970 Polar Fleece Toque Contrast Acrylic Knit Piping

Black/Red Brushed Cotton Twill Stretchable Two-Tone Fitted Cap

CS6220 Brushed Cotton Twill Stretch Two Tone Fitted Cap

Baby Blue Organic Cotton Cap

OC6110 Organic Cotton Cap

Green Camo Print Military Cap

CT1660 Pocket Military Short Brim Garment Washed

Happy shopping and a happy New Year!

30th Dec 2016 Ranae

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