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Eco-Friendly Caps for Earth Day!

Eco-Friendly Caps for Earth Day!

Posted by May on 5th Apr 2018

Earth day is April 22nd and we’re celebrating with Eco-Friendly caps! So what makes them eco-friendly, you may ask? Well, these caps are made from organic cotton and recycled plastic!Here are 2 of … Read More

Weekly Specials from March 10th-17th

Posted by Ranae on 10th Mar 2017

Friday, Friday, Friday! Save 10% off  all week long with our coupon code. :) We put five different products on sale for you, and when you use our coupon code that discount will come rig … Read More

Weekly Specials December 30th-January 6th

Posted by Ranae on 30th Dec 2016

Happy (almost) New Year!Celebrate the new year with a sale, why don't you?  Save 10% off the following five pieces when you use our discount code. WEEKLYSPECIAL will save you some hard earned cas … Read More

Weekly Specials August 26th-September 2nd

Posted by Ranae on 26th Aug 2016

Thanks for visiting our blog! Take a look below at the what is on sale this week :)Every week we put 5 different products on our blog, and put them on sale for 10% off.  To get that discount all … Read More