Weekly Specials Ending August 28th

Hey everyone, the best day of the week has arrived - discount day!

Until next Friday you can get 10% off all of the items listed below by using the coupon code "WEEKLYSPECIAL" at your checkout.

Navy Lightning Cap

CT6000 Cotton Lightning Cap

Black/Red/White Argyle Pattern Toque

AC2220 Argyle Pattern Jacquard Knit Acrylic Toque

Black Peached Cotton Twill Cap

CT6333 Peached Cotton Twill Cap

Moss Green Washed Cotton Chino Twill Cap

CT6550 Garment Washed Cotton Chino Twill Cap

Stone Fire Retardant Cap

FR6763 Fire Retardant Cap

Drop us a line at if you have any questions!

21st Aug 2015 Katie

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