Weekly Specials from March 10th-17th

Friday, Friday, Friday! 

Save 10% off  all week long with our coupon code. :) 

We put five different products on sale for you, and when you use our coupon code that discount will come right off then and there.  With our bulk prices, you save the more you buy!  And that discount of 10% off will be on top of those discounts!  So you save all around. 

Make sure to enter your coupon code WEEKLYSPECIAL in your shopping cart to get that discount. 

Navy Organic Cotton Toque

OC2110 100% Certified Organic Cotton Beanie

This 100% cotton beanie is actually made with organic cotton! Lined with a soft fleece band to keep you comfy and your ears warm. :) This toque fits a little bit larger than our classic acrylic toque, the AC2890.  Starting at $9.98! But with our discount you can get it for $8.98! 

Blank Acrylic Knit Toque with Visor - White

AC2230 Acrylic Knit Toque with Visor

A combination of toque and cap! Keep the winter sun out of your eyes and stay warm with this toque!  Its soft brim will keep your eyes happy and the warmth of the toque will keep your head happy!  This is a great transitional piece for Spring. 

Black Cotton Fine Rib Toque

CY2870 Cotton Fine Rib Toque

This adult size toque is made with 100% cotton yarn, a different option for you from our many acrylic toques! A lowcut style, and a fine rib knit to give the toque a little texture! Starting at $5.57, this toque is extremely affordable!

Reversible Canada Toque

AC2250 Maple leaf Pattern Reversible Jacquard Toque

Looking to show your pride for our wonderful country?  Do it in this great reversible toque.  With our beloved maple leafs on one side, and the name of our awesome country on the other, you'll be sure to represent the red and white pride with style! 

Black/Gold Brushed Cotton Cap with Contrast Flair Peak

CT6160 Brushed Cotton Cap with Contrast Flair Peak

Looking for a great cap for a great price?  This cotton cap has a unique flair peak available to you in a fun contrasting colour! Change up your every cap with this one, you won't regret it.  Starting at $6.30 per cap, but with our coupon code, you can get it for $5.67 all week long.

Happy shopping!

10th Mar 2017 Ranae

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